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The Pagan Store web site and shop were originally founded in 2004. As it happens, life takes us into twist and turns that forever keep us in a state of flux.

That said, it has taken until 2017 to actually reacquire this web site to launch and build this online shop with an all new line of products that are hand made.

Our location is in the high desert region of Arizona where we have chosen to live among the magic Juniper Forest trees and wildlife in our area. The volcanic rocks and soil have woven a splatter of unique features to the area and has left behind an exceptionally heavy environment laden with iron ore in the mesa and valley areas that make it difficult for even cell phones to work here. Magnetic compasses tend to not work properly, and the living creatures around here show signs of intelligence that far exceed the expectations one would have of these small and local entities.

This is a land of enchantment of the likes we have never experienced before.

It's very easy to understand why the native peoples of these lands felt the enchantment that is here with their minds and souls. Even though it can be a hard and cruel physical environment, we can feel it too.

In times past, massive forest grew here before the water that nourished them dried up and receded away. The entire terrain is littered with petrified wood from pieces the size of a grain of sand to that of fully grown massive trees.

Here the ant people live, mining the soil around us and bringing up to the surface the small particles of life from the past. Just spending time near the giant ant colonies produces an education on what the past has to offer in our area. You grow to appreciate the very life that exudes here despite the hardships that prevent the faint of heart from trying to live here.

Working out of a tiny shop and with what surrounds us and keeping in tune with living in unison with our environment, we are proud to bring to you what we produce out of our micro living conditions.

Living close to the earth and working non stop for the last few years to build our lives back from scratch has been an incredible learning experience and journey. We have met people from all walks of life here and enjoy them all. You learn just how precious a simple material like water can mean the difference between life and death in a very short time.

We had to struggle a massive battle just to get electric power and Internet at our location. Once that was accomplished, we have steadily worked toward growing our craft again and are happier for making the efforts to live in this enchanted landscape.

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